Working to bring funeral costs down 

Our Trust at Silver Clouds Later Life Planning Ltd 

The Silver CloudsTrust is completely separate from Silver Clouds Later Life Planning Ltd and is managed by an Independent Board of Trustees. The trust company has no monetary connection with Silver Clouds Later Life Planning Ltd and is run as a completely separate entity. 
Funds to pay for the funeral can only be released by the Trustees, this means that your money is fully protected and ring fenced under strict professional Trust rules. 
The purpose of the trust is to retain payments made by a plan holder and to have an investment strategy in place to grow the fund. This process is regularly reviewed to ensure growth is attained but in a controlled manner. 
No money is placed in a high risk investment such as stocks and shares, the Trust mainly invests in Government Bonds and Secure Corporate Bonds which are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Regular checks are also carried out by Independant Accountants and Actuaries. 
The trustees primary responsibility is to ensure that there are sufficient funds to pay the agreed funeral costs no matter when a funeral takes place and regardless of the plan type. 
Funeral plan payments whether they are paid by monthly instalments or paid in full, are paid directly into The Silver Clouds Trust and not into Silver Clouds Later Life Planning Ltd, therefore ensuring that your monies are invested in accordance with the investment plan and controlled by the independent board of trustees and not the directors of Silver Clouds Later Life Planning Ltd. 
The payment for the funeral will only be made to the funeral director when the board of trustees receive the relevant legal documentation from the funeral director. This will then ensure that the funeral is carried out to your wishes and the funeral director will receive the funds in accordance with the plan.