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Your Questions Answered at Silver Clouds Later Life Planning 

Q We wish to use a funeral director that our family has used for many years. Can we do this? 
A Yes, you can name a preferred funeral director when you are completing the application form. Indeed we have put in a section for this very purpose. However, as we cannot absolutely guarantee that the funeral director will still be in business when a person dies or that the funeral company will not have been sold to another funeral director, if this occurs we will allocate the funeral plan to another agreed nominated funeral director. Likewise we do not pass any money to any funeral director until such time as the funeral is being arranged and all money paid firstly goes into the Silver Clouds Trust until needed. Should the nominated funeral director be unable or unwilling to take on your funeral then we have a network of funeral directors around the UK that we would contact to arrange your funeral. 
Q Will you cover the costs of getting me home to the UK if I die whilst I am abroad. 
A We do not cover the cost of repatriation back to the UK and this is not included in any of our plans. Most people when travelling abroad put into place travel insurance and this normally covers this cost. We would ask you to check this when purchasing travel insurance. However, included within each plan is the cost of collecting a deceased within a radius of 40 miles from the funeral home. Should the airport be further away than 40 miles a further charge may be applied at the discretion of the funeral director. 
Q Can I change my plan after I have paid for it? 
A Not a problem. Just let us know of your change of requirements and we will update our systems. There is no charge for this unless you are upgrading your plan. If you move to another part of the UK then we will need to know your new address. However, please note that if you have nominated a preferred funeral director and they are now a distance away we may appoint an alternative funeral director closer to your new home. 
Q What if I change my mind? Can I get my money refunded? 
A If you change your mind within the 14 day cooling off period you will receive a full refund. The person who signed the application form will need to put this in writing to us. We do not accept verbal cancellations. If you change your mind after the 14 day cooling off period you will be required to pay a cancellation fee of £595 as we would have already incurred costs to set-up the plan. Any policy documents issued would need to be received by us before we would action any refund. 
Q How safe is my money? I don't want to lose it. 
A With some of the well documented horror stories in the press and on TV we can fully understand ones concerns regarding the safety of your money. When offering a funeral plan a trust needs to be set-up to hold all monies and this is common with a majority of funeral plan companies. We are no different and for that reason we set up the Silver Clouds Trust. 
Q Can I use my Plan to pay for another persons funeral? 
A Yes, you may transfer the value of your plan to another person if you so wish. Your instructions will be required in writing, this will however leave you without a funeral plan for yourself. 
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